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British Land & Property Fund (“BLPF”) is a registered mutual fund that aims to achieve long terms capital growth through investment in a diversified portfolio of strategic development land and United Kingdom (“UK”) property based assets.

BLPF aims to invest in strategic development land where opportunities to achieve exponential capital growth are identifiable possible, due to the shortage of strategic residential development land in the UK.

As part of a balanced investment portfolio, BLPF also holds investments in a tenanted portfolio of residential and freehold UK residential properties, where healthy rental yields can be achieved, which deliver positive cashflows.

The investment strategy team of BLPF has worked closely with land agents and property consultants throughout the recessionary period, identifying and acquiring strategic parcels of land which are suitable for residential development, and then worked with local planning authorities to obtain “adoption” and ultimately planning approval for residential development.

BLPF currently owns a diversified portfolio of strategic development land sites that are at advanced stages of the planning process, which are expected to come to fruition, and ultimately are expected to be sold to national housing developers between 2021 and 2029. Our experienced land and property teams continue to identify new strategic land and property investment opportunities to further increase the fund’s portfolio of assets.